Haagen Daaz Ice Cream Latte 1 for 1

Haagen Daaz has a new promo to promote their line of ice cream lattes, which are $6.80 before taxes. Using illy coffee (farrr better than nespresso), a dopping of ice cream from the tub (to be whisked) and a pinch of milk, you can choose between a hot latte or a more dessert-like cold ice cream latte.

Mid-week treat for you & a friend with our Buy 1 Get 1 Free Flavoured Lattes! Available for both dine-in or take away on Wednesdays & Thursday for the month of June.Enjoy 😉

Posted by Häagen-Dazs on Monday, June 12, 2017

The macademia, being from the ice cream, has the actual nuts swimming about in the latte.

This makes another contender for the already promotion heavy school holiday of June; Grab’s grabpay spam, Starbucks perennial 1 for 1s, Ramen Extravaganza, and some imminent card promotions