Yet Another topup Grab $30 for $5×4 per day

Time for you to take your credit cards out and earn rewards points! (from Citibank 20% with min spend $888 (competition for Stanchart 20% min spend $600 for uber) or online spending 10mpd/10x rewards(4mpd) to a simpler 5% BoC online cashback (min spending $500) or generic cashback cards like Stanchart cashback or HSBC Advance


Top up at least $30 worth of GrabPay credits between now and 9 July 6pm to unlock $5* off all Grab rides from 10 – 16 July. Limited to first 50K top ups only. Learn More at

Posted by Grab on Thursday, July 6, 2017


Tuk Tuk Cha 50% 4 July

Might be helpful to note that Tuk Tuk Cha not only has Thai Milk Tea, it has Toast (of the sweet variety) at most outlets and even food (Tom Yum and Pho-ish) at some seated outlets

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. 50% OFF EVERYTHING ON 4th JULY 2017. I repeat, 50% off everything on 4th July 2017 across all…

Posted by Tuk Tuk Cha on Friday, June 30, 2017


Paypal Singapore $5 off Steam (New promo)


S$5 off Steam Summer Sale 2017

Expires on July 8, 2017

Save Offer

Enjoy this benefit when you make your first PayPal transaction on Steam. Hurry, limited redemptions, one time use only.
Signing up for a new PayPal account? Please return back to this page once completed to save this offer.

Terms and Conditions

GrabPay Topup $30 for $5×4 per day

Another week and another Grabpay promotion, unlike last week’s $8 it has been resized to $5.

Top up at least $30 worth of GrabPay Credits this weekend to get $5 OFF rides all week!


Top up at least $30 worth of GrabPay credits between 30 June – 2 July (6pm) to unlock $5 off all Grab rides from 3 – 9 July. Limited to first 50K top ups only. Learn More at

Posted by Grab on Thursday, June 29, 2017



Honestbee $10 off $20 (Save10)

As the food market heats up, honestbee has yet another promotion (looks to be once per account). Remember to use your intro $25-$18 promotion first if you haven’t.

Grab Citi Cyber Tuesdays ($5 off)

(Update: Check out the citi Paynow July promo)

Citibank currently has an ongoing thing for their cards in which they release promo codes (with technology firms like honestbee and grab) every tuesday, first on their citibank mobile app.

If you have any citibank mobile banking service as well as payment mechanism you can take advantage of this promo.

While this isn’t as heavy as last week’s honestbee, it’s a good boost to the existing $8×4 Grab credit promo

Starbucks 1 for 1 (26-30 Jun) 3pm-5pm

Update: Unlimited starbucks 1 for 1

Remember to chain it with your Starbucks card & Payments card!

Short week + coffee dates = 😍 From 26 – 30 Jun, 3-5pm, treat yourself to any handcrafted Venti drink and enjoy another on us. T&Cs apply.

Posted by Starbucks Singapore on Sunday, June 25, 2017

Tuk Tuk Cha 1 for 1 before 5pm (27 June)

It's the time of the month! Promotion is valid for tomorrow, 27 June 2017. Enjoy 1-1 on all $3 cold regular drinks…

Posted by Tuk Tuk Cha on Sunday, June 25, 2017

7-11 $1 off $5 min spending w Visa Paywave

A good way to buy those small grocery bundles, like a pair of marigold milk on the 2 for $5.95 promotion and then deduct $1 off (while still getting your cashback/miles). Alternatively it works for alcohol(of the beer/cider variety) in a close enough range to NTUC/cold storage. You can probably think of more creative grocery mechanisms.