Deal of the Month: May 2017 90c DBS Apple Pay

This particular promo was so good it ended after 4 days, 27 days less than the initial planned run.

The Deal: 90c Brackets for Starbucks (Single Drink), Toastbox (Toast Set), Uber (Single Ride)

Eligibility: Applepay (again iPhone)

This promo basically hit all the right spots for a budget hacker. In terms of the bare essentials: you will want to cover accommodation, travel and food.

While you won’t be seeing 90 cents rent anytime soon (unless AirBnB?), arguably the miles goes towards it, though it’s unlikely you will reach the minimum threshold for computation. Rents and Mortgage instalments have other monetization methods not yet covered.

Back to the main topic; the 90 cent combo wombo covers your typical day. Wake up early in the morning to take a 90 cent uber to work (covered up til $10) eat a heavy 90 cent Toast box toast set breakfast and takeaway a 90 cent Starbucks rainbow Unicorn Frapp (terrible choice, please get something else). If you’ve been hitting the gym and need tons of protein, you can repeat the Toast Set against for lunch and the mini meals. You can also buy 90 cent Starbucks for your friends or colleagues.

If you’re really looking for some punishment, you can do this for the entire day: 90 cent uber ride to work, 90 cent breakfast, 90 cent lunch, 90 cent starbucks, 90 cent dinner, taking the train/bus home $1.23? So about $5.73 for a semi luxurious protein filled diet. That would be $179 for the month for your expenses. And that is before your credit card points/rebates kick in.

(Also, you can shopback $0.20 the first uber ride of the day, cutting $6 off)

One more technique could be using a base uber ride with promotion code for the morning ride, and the apple pay 90 cent for the home bound trip.

And you can use it for the pricey Starbucks Reserve offerings too:

Too bad this one didn’t last, but I guess it pays (literally) to keep a close watch on Apple Pay promotions.