Deal of the Month: Mar 2017 Free GrabPremiums

The deal of this month would have been the free Grab Premium Rides.

The Deal: $15 off GrabPremium rides, which starts from $15
Eligibility: All; 5:30pm to 10:30pm

You can see where we are going with this, just make sure your trip falls into the $15 mark. Taking it further, some people will rebook to try and get the same BMW.

What people don’t really pick up is that they would think have a mercedes or bmw chauffeur is overly expensive, but due to the pricing mechanism Grab Premium is not too far away from a normal flagdown taxi at peak. The base $15 actually covers about 3-4 MRT stops, and it gets me to Nex from Eunos/Paya Lebar (without surge pricing) for $17-$15 = 2 via the Bartley end.

And yes then you can rebook for multiple destinations. I’ve not had any success getting the same vehicle lol. Don’t cross the ERP however as you would be out of pocket for that. You can also use this to dodge Grab’s own surge pricing as Premium is less likely to surge.

The cars you get range from the Airport Limos: Toyota Alphard and Velfire, to Mercedes C E S (I think I got a Mercedes S Maybach), the usual Audis A3,5 etc to the usual BMW 3s and 5s. They are usually pulled from the Airport Transfer companies, so you get their cars as well as their bosses, the occasional Sales day job rep in his Jaguar or an Insurance/Property agent in an Audi.

Unfortunately, all cars are the same to me so I suppose I would not be eking out full utility. YMMV, literally.