Deal of the Month: June 2017 GrabSpam, Runner up 1 for 1s

Grab takes the cake for June, with their non stop Grabpay promotions, from an initial top up for unlimited rides to a cap of 4 times a day, hitting the high of $8 per discounted ride before dropping back to half that amount.

Certainly a crazy time as Grab scrambled to get everyone onto grabpay, selling their repivot into the payments industry to match Linepay (thailand), Alipay and Tenpay. This culminated in their $2.5 bil series round led by softbank and didichuxing.

In any event, a sharp eye towards grab deals for the month of june allowed you to slice a substantial portion of your commute expense.

Here’s a brief possible budget combat strategy:

Have shopback activated for 20 cents off per ride. (If your ride is free, you earn 20 cents).

Have a good online spend credit card: e.g. Bank of China Family for 5% Online (grab and uber counts) or the usual online spend 4mpd cards

You can also combo with signup promos (Citi Grab previously) or min spend requirements. (your fevo replacement becomes grabpay)



Use the small cheap rides to shuttle between MRT stations if you have the flexibility of time to save money.

Use the promo on a taxi ride instead of paying surge pricing. Here you pay off the booking fee to guarantee a car and the remainder of a dollar plus goes to shave some hairs off your ride.