Deal of the Month: Apr 2017 $2 off Starbucks

There was actually two DBS Applepay promos in this month, but the key to generation would be the unlimited $2 off transaction Apple Pay promo.

(Generally, great promos have some element of unlimitedness for combo or value extraction) (Keep in mind, like airmiles, promos aren’t free, there is usually a policy rationale or marketing gimmick involved)

The Deal: $2 off Starbucks with minimum transaction size of $2
The Catch: Applepay (means you need an iphone)

This promotion is actually quite common (along with the Starbucks $2 off if you use x payment)

The trick is to have the right credit card (or debit card) everytime it swings around, along with a Starbucks membership card (it’s okay if it’s not gold as this will push it along).

Note that if you don’t drink coffee, the Starbucks Teavana series is not an effective way to get your tea fix. If you like western teas/infusions, you’re not gonna get your rooibos or darjeeling, if you’re a bubble tea person tough luck, an eastern tea person? no tieguanyin or dahongpao for you.

You’ll also need to be okay with Starbucks food, because that is the most effective use of rewards. At Gold level (don’t worry if you are not, interim green rewards have a good stepladder), every $60 of card spending gets you a free drink or food item the latter of which can redeem an $11.90 smoked salmon wrap. Like Airmiles for business/first class, you can value it at $6 for a smoked salmon wrap elsewhere, or at face value of $11.90, so that’s your implied return of 10-20%. The alternative redemption method is to pop by a full Starbucks Reserve and have a sip from their fancy siphon brews, which would otherwise set you back $10++ possibly.

With that set, you can top up $10 at a time to the starbucks card, getting 10 Starbucks points, $2 off via Applepay promo and the presiding DBS/Posb card promotion (the DBS Debit would be 5% cashback off cashless transactions; an Altitude card would be miles etc). This pares it down to about $5.60 for $10 in Starbucks face value. When combined with the very common 1 for 1 promotions, this knocks it down to $2.80 per $10 drink, or $2.52 per $9 venti drink. You can see that as a 72% discount off face value.

There is also another straight method for knocking the $2s, use the presiding promotion to get a Brewed Coffee, cutting it from $3.70 to $1.70 upon which your card promo kicks in. You get your coffee below Toastbox base $1.80 pricing. You can then customize your brewed coffee into the usual mixes by requesting milk and so on. (I would take it black, but its a cheap milk coffee) One more avenue is the $2 Short Brewed Coffee at certain full Starbucks Reserve. The Short size is a “hidden” menu in most Starbucks around the world including Singapore. (it’s however an open size in Japan)